is a collection of calculators useful for pregnancy planning. Calculate when your ovulation day or due date falls. Based on research, you can even plan the sex of your baby with 75% efficiency.

How to calculate the day of ovulation?

To calculate your own calendar of fertile days, you need to determine the day of ovulation. This is the moment when the mature egg cell enters the fallopian tube.

Regardless of the length of your cycle, ovulation usually falls about 14 days before your period. Your most fertile days fall precisely on the day of ovulation and 24 hours before it. The lifespan of the sperm reaches up to 5 days. Therefore you are slightly less likely to get pregnant up to four days before ovulation. The released egg lives for about 24 hours therefore conception the day after ovulation is also possible.

How do I calculate my due date?

First of all, if you are pregnant. Congratulations!

If you are wondering when your awaited baby will come into the world, or don't know how to calculate the week of pregnancy you are, you can use our pregnancy calculator. Just enter the start date of your last period to know the approximate date of your Baby's birth.